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What Narcolepsy Meds Work For You?

What Narcolepsy Meds Work For You?

I've tried almost all of the narcolepsy meds and nothing worked. I'm on Adderall 20mg 3 times a day... which barely work all day, and I take Trazodone 150mg at night (which work great) to sleep.

A MyNarcolepsyTeam Member said:

The medicine that has worked best for me has been 10 mg of dextroamphetmine twice a day with an optional 3rd if needed. Extra 15 tablets per month. Insurance companies always deny because of the extra pills. Seen same doctor for 16 years. Have tried everything else out there except the newest meds. I just use GoodRx and pay out of pocket.

posted 24 days ago
A MyNarcolepsyTeam Member said:

Have you tried Xyrem or Xywav? Or for daytime, Wakix? Wakix is the first non stimulant narcolepsy med on the market that works directly with your sleep/wake hormone, hypocretin. Changed my life!

posted 19 days ago
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